About MSGSN Clinical Research Radio

The Multiple Sclerosis Global Support Network (MSGSN) was formed in mid-2017 by the merger of two established patient-driven Internet organizations, MS Unites and MS & Me Media.  The core principals of both organizations were extremely similar towards patient awareness, public awareness, outreach, and support of research in MS. The MSGSN remains patient-powered and now clinically steered.

Shortly after this merger, the MSGSN launched MS & Me Internet radio connecting patients in the MS community towards helping one another.  Operating 24 hours per day and 7 days a week the radio network has been a tremendous success far beyond our expectations.

Having conducted interviews with clinicians and researchers the MSGSN is now launching MSGSN Clinical and Research Radio (MSCRR).  This 24/7 radio network again has global scope for maximum coverage.  Patients, families, and caregivers can gain knowledge to better advocate their healthcare while also becoming more aware of aspects of MS from qualified professionals.

For clinical providers, researchers and healthcare professionals the MSCRR platform affords many advantages which include:

  • Clinical informational awareness to raise the global quality of care for patients among the larger healthcare community such as general practitioners.
  • Clinical awareness and research awareness of new research findings.
  • Visibility to clinicians, researcher, and institutions to the greater global stakeholder communities.
  • Persistent information as we archive all broadcasts on Google’s popular YouTube.
  • Other organizations can embed the broadcasts into their informational resource.
  • The MSGSN makes no claim to your broadcasts, you own them.  Through our radio platform, accompanying web assets and social media we simply provide a complete platform for you.
  • Visibility of research raises its awareness towards additional funding.
  • The accompanying website affords researchers and clinicians to connect.

The MSCRR platform is extremely easy for you to use and affords a great deal of versatility.

The MSGSN as a patient-driven and clinically steered organization is providing this service to you, the healthcare professional or researcher completely free of any expense as a service to the community.

We believe we have the formula to provide you exactly what clinical and research communities have requested for years.  A dynamic platform with a global reach created and operated by a professional team who not only values content but your ideas.

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