The Multiple Sclerosis Global Support Network (MS GSN) was conceptualized in midyear of 2016 and plans created and finalized in early 2017.  A merging of two Internet entities MS Unites and MS & Me Media was finalized moving towards mutual goals set forth by the organizations.


MS Unites (MSU) was conceived in June 2015 to be a localized resource for multiple sclerosis patients in the Western New York State region of the United State of America.  Within a short period of time, the work was achieving global exposure.  Goals were set forth in large part from clinical and research-oriented professionals where ideas were brought into the MSU think tank and algorithms created to achieve the goals.

Goals such as working towards unification of the MS global landscape which lay riddled with mistrust over years of Internet activities that spread forth to patient, family and caregiver populations.  Plans to help fund research and patient outreach via a unique hybrid revenue generation model and more.

MS & Me Media was conceived as a social media-driven organization to provide global awareness, patient advocacy and as a catalyst for change.  The organization has vast experience in interactive social media and utilizing Internet mediums such as Internet Radio, video and more to reach stakeholders affected by multiple sclerosis and make meaningful positive changes in their lives.

Having witnessed how social media can be both a very powerful positive mechanism and how it may additionally be a very negative influence MS & Me has worked to refine usage.  Vast experience with numerous social media patient led entities has led MS & Me Media towards a vision that is both achievable, dynamic and powerfully effective.

The Multiple Sclerosis Global Support Network

In late May of 2017 the two entities entered into discussions and found both had significantly common goals.  Both efforts, patient-driven experienced in targeted mechanisms of reaching the world a merger was suggested.

In late June 2017 the formal merger of MS Unites and MS & Me Media was finalized creating the first patient-driven globally scoped multiple sclerosis organization with sized goals and means of achieving them.

MSGSN goals include but are not limited to provisioning multiple sclerosis-related disease awareness information utilizing online and offline capabilities.  To provision funding towards multiple sclerosis disease research and patient outreach utilizing existing not for profit patient related entities funding them.

The MSGSN revenue model requires no donations ever be made from patients, caregivers or families to achieve our direct goals nor will we ever ask for such funding.  MSGSN goals are not to compete on the multiple sclerosis global landscape but rather be a supportive entity towards existing professional patient associations helping them provision more outreach to patients.

Our vision:

The MSGSN via the use of technology desires to deliver maximum support for patient outreach, informational awareness, global disease awareness and support research while remaining minimal internally.  Through use of technology and automation, the MSGSN can deliver global impact to help support patients, families, research and patient association work and outreach.

Join us:

Please consider joining us in our work to change the world of MS for all stakeholders within the global disease landscape.  Whether you are a patient, caregiver, family living with multiple sclerosis or a researcher, clinician, therapist, dietician or other related function consider joining us.  Every person has unique capabilities and together we can have a sized impact on patients quality of life, future and finding answers and solutions to the ravages of multiple sclerosis.

Let’s change the world… Together.