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The #RacingMS Awareness Campaign seeks to raise Multiple Sclerosis (MS) global awareness through embracing Auto Sport and grow MS awareness through a persisting campaign.

Public awareness of multiple sclerosis continues to be a challenge for patient associations and professional stakeholders in the global MS landscape.  For many years public awareness campaigns have been put forward waxing and waning in efficacy.  Public awareness of MS is important at every level of this condition.  Patients endure family, friends, employers and more who are completely unaware of this complex health condition.  Public awareness of patient associations, academic and commercial research can result in enormously positive impacts for patients and MS families future and present quality of life.

In an amazing effort to raise multiple sclerosis awareness, a field of highly talented simulation racing drivers have banded together to change the world of MS.  The MS Awareness Series created by Bobby Cheney owner of The Sim Racing Authority was created with this task in mind.

From the satellite mapped tracks to the racecar physics, these drivers put forth an exciting event in conjunction with MaxSpeed TV for an ultra-realistic Nascar-like racing experience and telecast.

The Multiple Sclerosis Global Support Network (MSGSN) was made aware of the effort and engaged in brainstorming in an attempt to help deliver global MS awareness.  Models were created by which the two organizations could push forward the effort towards a long-term persisting awareness effort with maximum yield.

The MSGSN and it’s media division, MS & Me Media, have sponsored drivers for the 2017-2018 season and partnered in this amazing effort.

We encourage other multiple sclerosis organizations and professional institutions engage us towards this amazing and fun effort!

Let’s change the world… Together!

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